Watch the first demo of a Huawei watch with Harmony OS

Huawei announced Harmony OS 2.0 and today we see the first video of an upcoming device with the new operating system. According to one user on Weibo, the interface is still in its development phase, but the R&D team is ready to demo the UI of the in-house OS on a smartwatch hooked to a development board.





In the video some of the features can be spotted, including SpO2 meter, a heart rate sensor, tracker of some activities, and some of the navigation gestures around the UI. The self-proclaimed “Digital King” stated on Weibo that many features could not be filmed due to confidentiality requirements.






Another interesting claim is that Huawei will be ready to push the device to the market by the end of the year, making it the first mobile device with the OS that is already available at some home products sold in China.